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Ballyfeckin Ballyfeckin

The Ballyfeckin & Waterville Railway

BWR2015 - latest version of this major Irish work

The places are fictional, but many features will be recognised by those familiar with the west of Ireland, where most of the photo images used are sourced

First Irish scene for the OpenBVE simulator and followed all over the world  by fans on Facebook. The latest release is BWR2015.

The previously released routes are updated and the full range of passenger and freight movements now have corrected track gauge of 1600mm. All motive power has been equipped with working Irish CAWS safety system.


The Kilmagranny route is a represention the railways of Ireland as they were in the period between late 1960s to the mid 1970s. All semaphore signalling and manual level crossing gates.

Kilmagranny Irish railway 1960’s scene


Cwm Twypsin - The Welsh experience

Celtictrainsim’s Welsh scenario. Based on the Newport to Abergavenny railway for the first part and an entirely fictional branch beyond Abergavenny, with a Welsh flavour influenced by the south Wales valleys and the heart of Wales line.

“Cheltenham” - new 1960 GWR scene

Celtictrainsim’s GWR scene. A re-creation of the part of the Cheltenham to Banbury line, as far as Andoversford, which was closed by 1965. New rolling stock is also provided for use with this route - see ‘downloads’.

about sim

about the OpenBVE simulator programme

Notes, tips and links to help obtain the freeware sim programme and components

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