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UK route


Celtictrainsim’s GWR scene. A re-creation of the part of the Cheltenham to Banbury line, as far as Andoversford, which was closed by 1965. New rolling stock is also provided for use with this route - see ‘downloads’.

gray says: "I’ve always had a fondness for the GWR, particularly its Gloucestershire lines. My first memories of railways were here, so after enjoying making “Kilmagranny”, with the old signalling and such, it seemed like a good idea to do a “re-opening” of a line axed in the 1960s. Very little evidence still exists of this today - memory played a big part in the reconstruction and if it isn’t entirely accurate at least it is hoped that the “essence” of this line is conveyed. The track alignments and distances were derived from my old Ordnance Survey map (had it since I was a nipper) and a bit of help from google satellite images - only some gaps between housing and the odd embankment still remain in places".


With the arrival of OpenBVE Program v1.5.0.1 the installation of route and train packages is much easier than before. The “Package Management” feature button in the game start menu (picture, right) will install any route or train that comes as a compliant package simply and easily.
All celtictrainsim route and train items for download from this website are compliant with this latest program version.

For users wanting to install the items manually, or who want to continue with only v1.3.x.x, the package (which is a .zip file) can still be extracted manually and the contents placed as before.

Previous cts installation help sheets (interactive pdf) no longer apply.  For full instructions to use the “Package Management” to install add-ons go to this page of the OpenBVE Project website. http://openbve-project.net/install-addons/