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Driving BWR2015 trains

A general guide to driving celtictrainsim CAWS equipped stock used with the BWR and Kilmagranny 2016 routes. Relevant to all the modern era Irish trains.Also includes keyboard controls list for the sim program.

CIE 2600 heritage dmu release notes

Notes on  driving the heritage era 2600 dmu. Although broadly similar, these differ slightly to the UK units of similar build, as the AWS systems are not operable on Irish tracks.

Driving 2700/2800 trains

Single page “crib-sheet” for the 2700/2800 units for Irish routes.

Alsthom 175 (ATW) unit

Notes on  driving the class 175 unit used with the Cwm Twypsin route.

Ireland West Railway

The original “IWR” route for the BVE4 trainsim came with an illustrated book describing the  route as it was and as it is today. The BVE route, like the poor line, is no longer available for use. But the book about the line known affectionately as “The Burma Road” is still here, for the time that’s in it!

Although the routes and trains offered on this site are "freeware" and all the publication here are free too,  it isn't free for gray to provide the hosting for the site and all these items. If you enjoy the use of any of these products and want to continue to see them available here, then do please consider making a small donation to support the continuation of this site. You can donate through PayPal, using the "support" button on this site. Thank you for reading this.

Ballyfeckin railway map

Diagram of the BWR network of routes. Never get lost again!


Quick outline of basic “how it works” intended as an insight for anyone thinking of getting started iwith OpenBVE route building. A simple explanation - NOT a technical guide.
A more comprehensive tutorial for those who want to proceed further is available here on the BVECornwall site.

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