Irish & Welsh themed routes and trains for the OpenBVE train simulator programme
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Driving BWR2015 trains  A general guide to driving celtictrainsim CAWS equipped stock used with the BWR and Kilmagranny 2016 routes. Relevant to all the modern era Irish trains.  Also includes keyboard controls list for the sim program.

celtictrainsim publications

CIE 2600 heritage dmu release notes     Notes on  driving the heritage era 2600 dmu. Although broadly similar, these differ slightly to the UK units of similar build, as the AWS systems are not operable on Irish tracks.

Driving 2700/2800 trains  Single page “crib-sheet” for the 2700/2800 units for Irish routes.

Alsthom 175 (ATW) unit   Notes on  driving the class 175 unit used with the Cwm Twypsin route.

Ireland West Railway  Produced for the  original “IWR” route (BVE4 trainsim)  describing the line.  This BVE route is no longer available for download), but the book is here,  in PDF format.

Ballyfeckin & Waterville Railway Route Map   A graphic diagram of the BWR network of routes. Never get lost again!

CTS  YouTube Channel graymac's official video releases  BWR Trailer Posted 2012  2800 ride Posted 2012  Newport departure Posted 2012 CAWS demonstration Posted 2012  Driving with Dexter Posted 2012  Rails to Bryn Coch Posted 2014  Kilmagranny Trailer Posted 2015 Cheltenham Posted 2012  Waterville-Knockmore Posted 2012 celtictrainsim videos contact graymac for queries

Please note that  correspondence cannot be entered in to regarding problems with using / installing the OpenBVE program itself, under any OS. Assistance for errors / malfunctions can be sought from the OpenBVE Project website or the BE Worldwide Forum website, see links above.

There is a celtictrainsim Facebook page. However it is only rarely added to in the current times and should be regarded mainly as an archive.