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Cwm Twypsin

Celtictrainsim’s Welsh scenario. Based on the Newport to Abergavenny railway for the first part and an entirely fictional branch beyond Abergavenny, with a Welsh flavour influenced by the south Wales valleys and the heart of Wales line.

At the start of 2013 (and after dropping hints for the past year or three that it would be nice to see a Welsh-themed route for the train sim) there was still no reaction from Owain Glydwr’s mob. So, gray decided to give it a go, beginning at Newport, Gwent. The route, named ‘Cwm Twypsin’ is partly based on the actual line from Newport to Abergavenny.  Then, from Abergavenny, a branch emerges off the main line. This part of the the ‘Cwm Twypsin” track is purely fictional and was made to feature several aspects of the Welsh rail landscape. It runs a distance of about 25km from Y-Fenni - a little under a half-hour trip.


With the arrival of OpenBVE Program v1.5.0.1 the installation of route and train packages is much easier than ever before. The “Package Management” feature button (in the game start menu, pictured right) will install any route or train supplied as a compliant package, simply and easily.
All celtictrainsim route and train items for download from this website are compliant with this program feature.

For users wanting to install the items manually, or who want to continue with earlier versions of the program*, the route/train package (which is a .zip file) can still be extracted and the contents placed manually in the folders.

For full instructions how to use the “Package Management” for installing add-ons, go to this page of the OpenBVE Project website. http://openbve-project.net/install-addons/

* Be aware that older program versions may not function completely with current CTS routes and trains and errors may occur in operation. The latest program version is advised.


Celtictrainsim’s GWR scene. A re-creation of the part of the Cheltenham to Banbury line, as far as Andoversford, which was closed by 1965. New rolling stock is also provided for use with this route - see ‘downloads’.

graymac says: "I’ve always had a fondness for the GWR, particularly its Gloucestershire lines. My first memories of railways were here, so after enjoying making “Kilmagranny”, with the old signalling and such, it seemed like a good idea to do a “re-opening” of a line axed in the 1960s. Very little evidence still exists of this today - memory played a big part in the reconstruction and if it isn’t entirely accurate at least it is hoped that the “essence” of this line is conveyed. The track alignments and distances were derived from my old Ordnance Survey map (had it since I was a nipper) and a bit of help from google satellite images - though today only a few gaps between houses and the odd embankment still remain in place".