Irish & Welsh themed routes and trains for the OpenBVE train simulator programme
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“Custom screen pics”  Six specially prepared images to replace the program default ones which come as standard. See proper Irish Rail scenes while you wait for your route to start up. Simple to install,  instructions text included with the pics  (download in 7z zip file format)

Problems running earlier routes?  There’s been reported some anomalies with backgrounds in routes produced pre- “Portarlington” when using program builds prior to v1.7.1.8   -   which is not the latest version, but  it  appears to be quite satisfactory with these older routes Windows download, click the link.  (For Mac / Linux please go to the OpenBVE Project website and look for “earlier builds”)  Unzip and place in the same location as your existing program folder (you may have multiple versions on the same PC)     (download in 7z zip file format)