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Welsh / UK  trains

Alsthom Class 175 Coradia package

In Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) livery
Required for these routes:
Cwm Twypsin

Cheltenham trains package

“Heritage” package with class 25 & 35 locomotives and  the class 101 DMU. The Mk1 corridor coaches will be needed as well.  
Required for these routes:

Mk1 UK corridor coaches package

Corridor coaches and brake van in WR, BR red and BR Blue liveries.
Required for these routes:

With versions of OpenBVE Program post v1.5.0.1 the installation of route and train packages is much easier than ever before.
The “Package Management” feature button in the game start menu (picture, right) installs any route or train provided as a compliant package, simply and easily.
All celtictrainsim route and train items for download from this website are compliant with this latest program version.

For users wanting to install the items manually, or who want to continue with early program versions, the package (which is a .zip file) can still be extracted to install manually if desired.

Full instructions to use the “Package Management” to install add-ons are on the OpenBVE Project website. http://openbve-project.net/install-addons/